Ever since my dad bought my brother and I a video camera for xmas, I’ve been making videos and films and I haven’t looked back. After an endless array of home made videos that saw us paying homage to our favourite movies, it was pretty clear that I had film making in my blood. It was made super evident when I fired my brother from our remake of The Terminator due to a “lack of dedication to the picture.” We were 15. (he was later re-hired)

Since then I’ve worn many hats within the world of film and video (even some poor attempts at acting) and the one that I would constantly gravitate towards was cinematography. There was just something about shot composition and lighting that I connected with. That being said, I have worked at developing my skills in many areas so whether it’s as a cinematographer, editor, photographer or musician, I just love to create.

Captura Video specializes in creating dynamic and customized video productions which can range from weddings to fashion shows to music videos to human interest pieces and everything in between. I have had the privilege of working with many amazingly talented people throughout the years, some of whom I am proud to call my friends and are in fact part of Captura Video and are instrumental when creating many of these productions.

In short, I belong on set, in a studio, or behind a lens doing whatever has to be done in order to get that perfect shot.

Stay creative

Chris Alsop

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