We know how important your wedding day is and what it means to not only you but also your family and friends. That’s why we will work with you from an initial design, to the editing, to the finalized DVD. We want to ensure that your perfect day is perfectly captured. We shoot with a combination of styles and are extremely adaptable, however, our cinematography is rooted in photojournalism. Our goal is to be as invisible as possible which allows us to capture those real moments… the ones that aren’t staged. We don’t show up with tons of gear or a small army for a crew. We just hang out with you all day filming these awesome moments.

Captura Video has multiple options for different budgets and any styles. So whatever it is that you envision, we will work together to make it happen!

-The Full Day Package W/DVD:  Includes us being there from the prep all the way till the party! (12 hrs max.) The result is 2 customized DVD’s (menus and chapters) as well as a usb key containing the digital files (quicktime movies) so you can watch them on your laptop or smart TV! There will be a highlight montage (put to a song of your choice) for the prep, the ceremony and the couple/photo shoot. There will be multiple chapters which chronicle the entire reception. Everything from the introductions to the dances, speeches, games and party are included. Basically everything that happens gets filmed. The entire ceremony is also included as its own chapter. The menus are pictures that you choose and all the songs are also your choice. In short, it’s like popping in any Hollywood DVD. Finally, we bring you in to take a look at what we’ve put together and if you want to change the song you chose or want to cut out Uncle Bob’s embarrassing speech… no problem. This is your wedding and we want you to be beyond excited about the video! Want to see an entire DVD? No problem! Just give us a call and we’d be happy to meet with you and show you the final result!

Price= $2100.00

-The Full Day Package W/Trailer: Exactly the same as The Full Day Package W/DVD except replace the DVD with a trailer A trailer is is a highlight video of the entire day that is put to any song you choose. It’s great for sharing on social media so that friends and family can see how amazing the day was! Plus it’s just an awesome way to relive the entire day! There’s a ton of trailers to look through on our site!

Price= $2100.00 *(Best value)

-The full day package + Trailer is exactly that… The entire day plus the DVD plus the trailer plus the digital files on a USB key

Price= $2500.00

-The 7hr. package: This is for a couple that wants the simplest option possible. Includes a block of 7hrs. and a trailer

Price = $1700.00

We can also add a second or third camera operator depending on what your vision is for your wedding. Price will vary depending on time.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call and we can talk some shop about your big day! Even if we’re not the right fit, we’ll try to help you in whatever way we can (answering your questions, giving you tips, suggesting photographers or other professionals. etc.)

We film weddings in Montreal, Ottawa, across Ontario and around the globe so no place is out of reach!